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Arlington, TX Oil and Gas Stain Cleaning

Oil and Gas stain cleaning can be difficult to remove depending on how deep and tuff the oil and gas stain is. Most driveways have a deeper stain when it comes to oil and gas since most driveways aren’t cleaned often or at all. We take cleaning those particular stains very seriously to help the appearance of the driveway to be restored to its original state before the stain was even introduced. Now driveways aren’t the only place that we see Oil and Gas stains. We also see them in fast-food parking lots and drive-thrus, most grocery stores, and gas stations.

Gas stations being a big one you see gas and oil at. The amount of traffic at a gas station, near the pumps, is where it is most dirty due to gas leaking from pumps spilling on the ground and from when a car leaks oil onto the ground. With our chemicals and equipment, we are sure to get 95% of most of the dirt and stains that are at a gas station pump.

With monthly or quarterly maintenance those tougher stains will no longer exist. Schedule your free estimate today to get set up on your cleaning today whether it be a driveway cleaning or a business needing their storefront restored.

Oil Stains

Oil stains can be removed from the surface, but the shadow will stay there and leave an impression on the concrete, much like a birthmark. Even if you can guarantee that a chemical will erase the stain, the shadow will still be there.