Why Does My Business Need A Commercial Snow/Ice Removal Plan?

Here in Texas, we have gone through a few storms that have caused ice and a little bit of snow. As a business owner ensuring your employees and customers are safe should always be the #1 top priority, which means thinking ahead and making plans now before bad weather moves in. Here are a few top reasons why you need to have a commercial snow/ice removal plan put into place.

1. Overall Safety

The top reason why every single business big or small needs to have a commercial snow/ice removal plan is overall safety. Slick sidewalks and parking lots create a situation where someone could slip or fall and become injured. It also makes it harder to safely drive or park a car. In turn, this is a huge liability where you could end up with a costly business insurance liability claim or even a lawsuit. Instead, it is better to have a contractor on a call ahead of time to address issues as they arise,

2. Increased Curb Appeal

Not only is having a snow/ice removal service to help clear your parking lot or walkways near the business entrance a good idea for safety, but it also increases curb appeal. Parking lots and walkways that are free of ice and look as though they are being taken care of easily attract more customers during the winter months. This shows that you care about the exterior of your business or the overall shopping center, which makes it more likely that people will want to visit you during the cold season.

3. Decreased Loss of Income

This brings us to another important point. A snowy parking lot can keep customers away or cause them to take their business elsewhere. By having a plan for snow/ice removal, you can help encourage customers to stop by and shop while reducing the chances of loss of income over the winter. This is especially important if you’re a landlord who rents spaces out in a shopping center to tenants. By ensuring they’re getting a steady stream of customers, you reduce the chances of someone defaulting on a lease.

4. No-Hassle During Storms

It seems to happen every year. That first big snowstorm hits and all professional snow/ice removal companies in the area are slammed with work. Trying to line someone up to help after the fact is nearly impossible, but only if you haven’t planned ahead first. Having an agreement with a commercial snow/ice removal company can help ensure your parking lot or walkways take priority over a last-minute call-in.

5. Ensuring the Job is Done Right

While snow/ice removal sounds easy enough, the truth is that there is a certain way that it has to be done. Attempting to do it yourself or hiring a contractor that is inexperienced can cause damage to the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, and more. By using a professional company, you can rest assured that the job is done right.

CD Pressure Solutions for Commercial Snow/Ice Removal

Are you prepared for the Texas winter? Our team at CD Pressure Solutions can help. Please contact us today to discuss commercial snow/ice removal services.

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